Who We Are

E79 Systems Inc. is a small team of developers and designers who love creating software, websites, apps, and other digital solutions for large-scale enterprise companies, governments, and non-governmental organizations.

We’re based in Metro Manila, Philippines.

Our Mission

We develop useful software products that help achieve our clients’ business goals.

Our Core Philosophies

Always Innovate

As a tech company, our success depends on our ability to constantly push the boundaries of technology and methodology. We take all opportunities to improve on existing solutions in order to consistently deliver fresh, groundbreaking products to our clients. Innovation is an essential component of our company’s DNA.

As people, you’ll find that we’re relatively non-traditional. We prioritize¬†creative freedom and rational thinking over conventions and conformity. We wear shorts to work, we don’t require our employees to fill out time sheets and unnecessary paperwork that steal time and mental energy away from our sole mission and passion to create innovative, business-driven software, and we might even use emoticons in our business emails!

Deliver with Excellence

Whether it’s designing a prototype, writing a block of code, meeting with our clients, or making our morning coffee, we always give the best of ourselves to the endeavor at hand.

Create with Business Goals in Mind

When we take you on as a client, we become stakeholders in your company’s success. When your business thrives, so does ours. Helping you accomplish your business objectives gives us the opportunity to put the things we create in the hands of more people.

We’d love the chance to partner up with you on your project.